Chromosomal Q-Heterochromatin in Norm and Pathology


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The well-known human geneticist F. Vogel more than 20 years ago wrote: “Medicine is not a science; it provides rules for appropriate action. But such rules are derived from scientific knowledge. One hundred years ago, bacteriology was the leading basic science for medicine; human genetics has largely occupied this place in recent decades. In the future, molecular genetics and population genetics might become the most important scientific basis of medicine”

All human populations today probably derive from an ancestral group living only about 100,000 – 150,000 years ago, rather than a million or more years ago. Even 12,000 years ago, the size of the human population was low, with a world population of only around 10 million. Now humans are by far the commonest primates; there are more than 7000 million of us. The human species can tolerate such a range because each of us carries a tropical microenvironment in the form of clothes and dwellings (tropicalization). Can all this be explained, for example, from the point of view of cytogenetics?

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